About Ms. HolyTastebuds

Ms. HolyTastebuds !

I am an average Norwegian human being who happens to be a bit over average interested in food. I am an amateur for sure, however grown up with my nose in my dads casseroles as he developed his skills as an amateur hobby chef. My passion is growing everyday, for trying new things, finding easy (but TASTY) ways in a busy everyday life as well as adventure on to something a bit more advanced for special occasions.

I usually just go with my intuitions when it comes to cooking – however I get inspired from everything around me ; a picture, a smell or a colour, traveling,  a trip to the grocery store, a recipe or others with passion for food. If you do find me tangled down in a receipt, I like to experiment with it and give it my own touch.

My goal with this site is simply to share my tastebud moments, recipes and maybe even inspire a few souls. You´ve gotta eat right, why not make it tasty? ;-p


WARNING: There will be a LOT of foodpics ! So if you´re allergic to that this is not your hangout spot…

Thank you for visiting my site – I really appreciate it!
And if you try any of my recipes, have inputs, tips, or just general thoughts feel free to leave comments on my posts 🙂


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